Saturday February 18
Theatre SE1


18th & 25th February 2017, 12.30pm-5pm
How much?

Following on from their performance of BALANCING ACTS, a piece of verbatim theatre using film and performance to portray experience of six individuals dealing with depression, creators Kaleido Film Collective and Feral Foxy are bringing the subject matter to two weekend workshops. Awareness of mental health issues might be rising, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less taboo to discuss, and therefore it can feel isolating and sometimes hopeless. Drawing on the processes of creating BALANCING ACTS, and skills based tools, each five hour session is an opportunity to learn how to use of film, performance and story-telling as ways to support either oneself or others who may be struggling, and use the expressive arts to navigate this often uncomfortable topic in a safe environment. Anyone with experience or interest in the field are invited along.