Monday January 15
Theatre NW1

Calm Down Dear 2018

Camden People's Theatre
58-60 Hampstead Road, NW1 2PY
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15th Jan - 4th Feb
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Are the dry, grizzly, January blues killing your vibe? Just as well Camden People’s Theatre has heard your whimpering and are bringing you Calm Down Dear festival to wave those killjoys bye-bye. A festival where sharp-witted feminism and tongue-in-cheek theatrics collide in an invigorating, politically charged way. Headlined by Racheal Ofori’s So Many Reasons – unravelling the magical and mystifying ways our mothers shape our understanding of the world, from a British Ghanaian perspective; Vanessa Kisuule’s Sexy about ‘a young woman who loves poetry, smashing the patriarchy and a well-timed slut drop’, exploring the conflicted relationship between our bodies and sexiness; Caroline Horton’s darkly comic All of Me, centered around a of Showgirl’s lifelong quest to keep pursuing her dream and discovering what it means to be alive. Get set for these and ample more of the most audacious, articulate and amazing performances – guaranteed to make 2018 shine.