Wednesday May 16

Ceilidh Liberation Front

Kindred Studios
18 Saltram Crescent, W9 3HW
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How much?

We’ve banged on about the Ceilidh Liberation Front many times over here at le cool because they’ve dragged the slightly terrifying world of country dancing (readers of a certain age will wince at those words and the memories of awful classes in the school assembly hall) right into the twenty-first century. This is sweaty, boozy, breathless fun low on rules and proscribed steps, high on accordions and bumping into people on the dancefloor. And it’s doubly good for those of you if a west London persuasion because the CLF have taken over Kindred Studios, described by them as “a beautiful old school-turned-non-profit-studios for artists & makers, nestled quietly in between Portobello & Queen’s Park.”