Wednesday July 19

The City Is Ours

Museum of London
150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN
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14 July - 2 January 2018
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Over half the world’s population live in urban spaces – but what does this really mean for city dwellers across the globe and their standards of living? The Museum of London’s latest exhibition, The City Is Ours, is delving into these questions. Get the chance to explore all the joys, trials and tribulations of metropolitan life across three separate galleries: Urban Earth, Under Pressure and Urban Futures. See the effects of urbanisation under an astonishing new light through a series of dramatic visualisations, digital interactions and films. Discover how individuals, communities and the government are striving to improve city life – from reducing food waste, to creating cleaner air. Square up on sustainable solutions around the world, from 25 innovative projects underway in London, to Chile’s new social housing and Tokyo’s underground bike storage. Conversely, learn how issues such as homelessness, overcrowding and poor social cohesion, expose flaws in cities worldwide. The City Is Ours coincides with City Now City Future, a year-long season of exhibitions, events, talks, debates and creative collaborations; tackling how and why cities are transforming, how urban communities are responding to these changes, and what you can do to make a difference in your own city. If you want to find out – better get yourself down to the Museum of London sharpish – chop, chop.