Thursday May 3

Dennis Severs Silent Night

Dennis Severs House
18 Folgate Street, E1 6BX
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Monday - Wednesday 5pm-9pm
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Take a trip through the senses at one of the Dennis Severs House Silent Nights.  The house is far more than a museum: Artist Dennis Severs (1948-1999) created this snapshot of the Jervis family, silk weavers of the 18th century Huguenot period, and it is poetic and potent in scope. Using your senses alone, you wander a house of many stories and storeys seeing, hearing and smelling the objects laid out – and filling in the gaps with your own imagination. In the dim candlelight you’re taken through a snapshot of another time, and what feels like another world. The ten rooms include the kitchen, drawing rooms, bedrooms and servants quarter, and each is filled with overwhelming detail. The ideas is to piece together clues of a life being lived, and a moment being interrupted. Cracking flames and creaking floorboards give it an eerie feel, and the quiet tones offer something of a meditative quality. It’s not really a museum, or heritage, or antiques – it’s a glorious form of storytelling, and well worth a visit. Just keep quiet.