Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits

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We all know the effect Elvis had on music, excessive lip-curling and our grandma’s pants, but sometimes we forget to look at what effect the great man had on the world of fashion and design. From his rockabilly hairstyles to his jewel-encrusted jumpsuits and cape, his epic custom cars to unique interior design, the man had style throughout his career and his ideas (some good, some a little questionable) sent ripples across the world that are still felt today. Journalist Zoey Got has gone and written a whole book about it called Elvis Style: From Zoot Suits to Jumpsuits, which, while researching the book, saw her sleep in the Memphis apartment that Elvis lived in as a teenager, have lunch with his neighbour Al Green and also visit an imitation of Graceland in the suburbs of Denmark. She’s going to be signing copies of it at Islington Waterstones. So if you’re a big fan of the King and his sparkly get ups, maybe pop down and have a chat with Zoey about it. Plus American Crew are giving away a free goodie bag to the first 50 people who buy a book.


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