Tuesday June 5
Theatre WC2

The End of History

St Giles-in-the-Fields
60 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8LG
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5th – 23rd June 2018
How much?

What happens when two totally different Londoners find themselves face to face on the worst day of their lives? Paul is a gay party boy working in property. Wendy is a single, 50 year-old working in the charity sector. They have two different lives in two different parts of the city, but have one thing in common – they’re both alone in the city. This play, complete with soundtrack, focuses in on a chance encounter to explore the impact of gentrification on two totally different individuals. Produced by High Hearted Theatre in association with Soho Theatre, it’s staged at St Giles in-the-Fields, a place that has been a historic place of worship and refuge for hundreds of years, and now sits slap bang in the centre of a redevelopment project. The play was a response to an invitation from St Giles’ Rector Alan Carr who was keen to explore the impact of gentrification in the area, a neighbourhood which has always been in a state of flux. Carr says: “I think that drama and writing is sometimes the best way to try and understand what is happening…sometimes going back into past events can enable us to see clearly what matters, what is perhaps being lost, and what is being altered in a very subtle way.”