Espresso Martini Festival

Food/Drink,CocktailsThursday August 10


10-12 Aug

?How Much

£10 to join, £5 a martini



10-12 Aug

How Much?

£10 to join, £5 a martini

OK, surely this is a step too far? We’ve had gin fests and craft beer parties by the crateful. Organic wine nights have come and gone and there was even a Negroni bus tour. But isn’t a celebration of the espresso martini just too niche? But wait. Firstly the espresso martini was actually invented right here in London at the Soho Brasserie, supposedly for Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell, depending on who you ask, so we should be claiming it as part of our heritage. And secondly they’re bloody lovely. So head along to and download your digital pass and you can get £5 espresso martinis in some of the capital’s best bars.


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