Friday February 17

Gin Festival 2017

17-19 February 2017
How much?

Ah, gin. Is there a drink that’s more London than this juniper juice? Mixing mother’s ruin with Tobacco Docks sounds like a rather toxic combination but few can resist this sizeable East London venue becoming the world’s biggest gin joint for three days every year. In fact, this zesty spirit has experienced something of a Ginaissance since the festival launched in 2013: no longer relegated to the back of the family drinks cabinet (as the last resort for frazzled mothers and desperate teens) it is now, dare I say, pretty cool. You can barely throw a cucumber in the capital these days without hitting a craft distillery producing it. With Fever Tree as the official event partner, you know this will be a classy affair and gin lovers of London will rejoice in mixing it with over 100 different types of the spirit. Just to be clear: you don’t have to try them all.