Friday January 13

History of Hip-hop

Lockside Camden
75-89 Upper Walkway, London NW1 8AF
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How much?

We need hip-hop this week, as we witness the transition of power in the world’s most powerful nation from one of the most forward thinking, socially conscious presidents of our time to an entitled, power-hungry bigot. Hip-hop may not be the same social voice it was in the 1980′s, when Public Enemy’s ‘Fight The Power’ rung through block parties in New York City, but there are still rap artists making a statement today,  from YG – who released a song called ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ last year – to the resurgent A Tribe Called Quest, who will have a major part to play in the inevitable artistic rebellion against Trump’s America.

The Doctor’s Orders Djs in Lockside Camden will take us from East Coast to West Coast and back again, charting the early beginnings with Afrika Bambaataa and Run D.M.C in the 80s to Nas, Tupac, Biggie and Jay-Z in the 90s and on to the modern masters of the early millenium led by the G.O.A.T Kanye West.