Monday March 12
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Human Rights Watch Film Festival

7th - 16th March 2018
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The world is corrupt place and we don’t know the half of it. This is why Human Rights Watch’s (HRW) annual film festival, spotlighting worldwide human rights abuses, is such crucial viewing. HRW are protectors and defenders of human rights; striving to bring justice to individuals who are victims of legal and moral exploitation. The broad themes covered in this year’s 16 documentary feature films spans from crises and migration, to women’s and disability rights, to democracy and accountability. French documentary 12 days investigates the shocking 92,000 people who are placed under psychiatric care in France without their consent. This is Congo provides a look through a whistleblower, military commander and mineral dealer’s eyes, into the conflict which has ravaged the Democratic Republic of Congo for the past two decades and caused 5 million related-deaths. Whose Streets is an unflinching look at the Ferguson uprising in the US after the police shooting of the unarmed Michael Brown – focusing on the young, new torchbearers leading a resistance against the National Guard. The incredible real-life journey of Naila Ayesh is chronicled in Naila and the Uprising –exploring her key role in the First Intifada and the uprising forcing the world to recognize the Palestinian’s right to self-determination. All films are incredibly important viewing, encouraging us to become the catalyst for much-needed change.