Tuesday June 20
Theatre SE11


Ovalhouse Theatre
52-54 Kennington Oval, SE11 5SW
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7.30pm until Jun 24
How much?

Who doesn’t like a nice night at the theatre? Luvvies shuffling around the bar giving out about how smartphones ruin everything?  Spending a day at work casually dropping the fact that you did something cultural the night before? The awkward joy of realising that one of the cast has forgotten their lines? Fringe theatre can be a hard sell but it does at least make you feel like you’ve actually done something with your evening. And I say the more batshit the play is, the better. If you don’t get to spend at least an hour afterwards drunkenly arguing about the importance of surrealist ideology amongst third-wave feminist tropes then you were better off staying at home with Eastenders. So get off the couch and go see Landmines, a new work from Phil Davis. It’s a “politically minded piece which highlights the exasperation and rage caused by an era of misinformation overload and the peddling of hate.” So a real rib tickler then.