London Short Film Festival 2018

FilmFriday January 12
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12th - 21st January

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From £8



12th - 21st January

How Much?

From £8

As someone with the attention span of a gnat, and who chooses films not by plot or actors but the minute length, the idea of a short film appeals. The films at London Short Film Festival might be brief, but they’re pretty powerful. Themes across the varied programme include comedy, character, money, Brexit, nostalgia and animation. It’s a mix of entertainment and education, all in snappy and potent visual form. Fans of the story will love seeing how something so short can be so powerful, whilst filmmakers and cinematography buffs will be fascinated by the techniques and tools used. Advocates of getting people into the industry and opening up avenues of engagement, there’s also a whole range of panels and industry discussion events. Now entering its fifteenth year, the London Short Film Festival is proving it’s worth for the long term.


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