Saturday October 14

Make Me

Corsica Studios
4/5 Elephant Road London, SE17 1LB
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11pm – 6am
How much?
£12.50/15 adv

Elephant & Castle is in a state of flux. Obscenely expensive new-build flats, a Boxpark-style establishment and an overly complicated road system are recent evolutions that have divided the opinions of people the city over.

However, cultural constants such as Corsica Studios and The Coronet (try saying that quickly) have kept the area in the good books of many. This Saturday night sees Corsica Studios host a chilled-out techno night that will ease you gracefully into the early hours of Sunday, and keep the E&C cultural candle burning.

The line-up is extremely international, with Norway’s DJ Sotofett, Canada’s LNS, Russia’s Inga Mauer, and Japan’s DJ SO heading up the bill, plus Make Me residents Rubin, Rupes and Nic Baird providing tactical DJ support on the night. Get your tickets here.