Wednesday September 13

Masculinity Late

National Army Museum
Royal Hospital Road, SW3 4HT
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How much?

From an outsider’s perspective, trying to comprehend the immense hardships young soldiers face, is almost unimaginable. The harrowing experiences and intense psychological challenges these men are subject to, largely sits at odds with the stereotypical portrayal of the macho army man.

Following on from their Feminism Late in June, The National Army Museum’s upcoming Masculinity Late will consider whether army men really are the epitome of masculinity, or whether this is the root of toxic thinking. Debates, talks, and workshops spread throughout the museum’s collection and thematic permanent galleries, will help this evening take shape.

‘Does the army make the men?’ panel discussion, including speakers James Wharton and Professor Holly Furneaux, will debate the concept of masculinity, its role within the military, and how both can pose issues in today’s society. Meanwhile ‘The Calm Zone’, headed up by CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably), will provide a safe space to share ideas about mental health and masculinity; Chris Sav’s uplifting superhero workshop will encourage participants to build a cartoon superhero based upon the uncelebrated aspects of themselves. Of course, if you really want to gain a better understanding of what being a soldier is like, head over to the late’s soldier talks and discover the real demands of this difficult role first-hand.