Friday May 19
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Open Senses Festival

19-21 May
How much?

This weekend’s Open Senses festival provides a stimulating alternative to traditional sensory-dulling weekend activities. 50 events at 25 venues aim to explore the multi-sensory landscape and get you tingling. The Open Senses Hub at The Trampery (239 Old St) is where festival goers are encouraged to start and gather info on what is on offer, there’s also loads of action at the Hub like Deep Throat vocal workshops, The Psychology of Synaesthesia, and RCA student interactive artwork installations (see all here) Night-time events include We Are Now multi-sensory late night party, and Sencity where you’ll be able to hear, taste, feel and even smell the nuances of music… yup, there’s an aroma jockey (I’ve been called something similar). Don’t miss the opportunity to think differently about how you perceive the world, or at least the weekend, at the first ever sensory festival.