Monday January 16
Food SW11

Paella masterclass

London Cooking Project
1 Ethelburga St, SW11 4AG
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How much?
£55 - bring a mate and save £10 each

If your New Year’s resolution is to master the art of cooking paella – bingo, you’re in luck, because there’s a special cooking course on Monday. This traditional Valencian dish is a minefield. Serve it with chorizo to a Spaniard and you risk being slapped for such a cultural abomination. Make it sunshine yellow and you’ll be a laughing stock. Add frozen peas and you might as well say adios to any self-respect you were momentarily clinging onto. Thankfully the UK’s only paella school can save you from such embarrassments. The class is three hours and begins with a full demo from top chefs on how to make the perfect seafood paella. Then you’re in the driving seat and it’s your turn to sharpen your knife skills and get cooking. Finish up by eating your creation with your new-found paella making amigos. You’ll even be presented with a special certificate as proof you are now capable of not buggering up this much-abused dish. ¡Buen provecho!