Saturday December 9
Sport SE10

Pantomime Horse Race

Devonport House
King William Walk, SE10 9JW
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11.30am Pre-Race, 1pm race (free), 2.45 after party
How much?
Race free, £15 entry fee/Charity Donation. To reserve your ticket, email

Oh really, come on. Do I actually have to give you details about this fabulous event or did the very idea of pantomime horses cantering around the London streets immediately get your sporting blood pumping? If it didn’t then a) what’s wrong with you? And b) here’s the deets. There’s a pre-race comedy event, the race itself, featuring for reasons never adequately explained, pantomime horses decorated as famous pop stars, where fiendish jumps and traps have been set all over Greenwich, and a plethora of pit-stop pubs. If that’s not enough then the grand finale involves the fastest horses leaping onto spacehoppers for a thrilling, insanely dangerous, last lap. Oh and Dave Hill from Slade will be appearing of course. The only thing that could make this event any better if would be if the proceeds went to charity. What’s that you say? They do?