Monday April 24
Film W1

A Plastic Ocean: We Need a Wave of Change

The Regent Street Cinema
309 Regent St, W1B 2UW
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How much?

The revelation that there’s an area the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean in which an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton forms a vortex of sealife-destroying garbage is one of those facts so depressing that you don’t really know what to do about it. Luckily there are people who are dedicated to thwarting the turning of our seas into a gigantic rubbish bin and they’ve produced this highly necessary documentary. The Advaya Initiative – an environmental and wellbeing organisation and a platform for change, are running this screening at the Regent Street Cinema. So go along, watch and get angry, check out the Q&A with Producer Jo Ruxton and learn what we can all do to clean up our oceans.