Friday December 8

Postal Museum & Mail Rail

The Postal Museum
15-20 Phoenix Pl, London WC1X 0DA
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Mon-Sun, 10am-5pm
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Back in the days of yore, pre internet, people sent letters. A lot of them. London’s Postal Museum celebrates that.

Featuring everything from artefacts from the seventeenth century and start of the ‘Post’ under Henry VIII exhibitions to modern examples of Post Office branding, it’s a fascinating exploration of this most important form of communication. The highlight is the Mail Rail, a railway system that ran in tunnels underneath London, from Paddington to Liverpool Street, right from Dec 1927 until May 2003. Running for 22 hours a day and carrying 4 million letters per day, the train network was complex, efficient, and crucial to keeping many of the businesses and services in the capital running. Visitors to the museum get to take a twenty minute ride in the little green trains, heading down through the tunnels to see film projections and hear audio narration about what life was like when it was a thriving and functioning railway. It’s a fascinating experience about something that is in many ways familiar to our lives, yet which we know very little about.