RA Lates: Rrose Sélavy’s Dada Extravaganza

Museum LatesFriday December 8
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?How Much

£35, includes access to Dali/Duchamp exhibition




How Much?

£35, includes access to Dali/Duchamp exhibition

Members of the Surrealist and Dada movement were renowned for their hedonistic credentials and the RA Lates Dada Extravaganza is pulling out all the stops to pay tribute to these party-loving artists. Hosted by Rrose Sélavy, Duchamp’s female alter ego, the Royal Academy’s immersive night of high jinks coincides with the Dalí/Duchamp exhibition and takes place among the exhibits, as well as throughout the rest of the gallery. Highlights include a recreation of the outrageous ball hosted by socialite Caresse Crosby in the mid-1930s, Dada karaoke and nonsensical games in the RA’s subterranean Parisian cabaret bar, a Freudian dream interpreter, a live recreation and drawing session of Dalí’s illusory In Voluptas Mors (using seven life models), plus panel discussions, street food and cocktails. In keeping with the Surrealist vibe, guests will be treated to hundreds of evenings rolled into one – it will be a bona fide playground, whether you want to party, explore or simply lose yourself in living dreamscapes. And since no Dadaist or Surrealist get-together comes without a flamboyant outfit, it’s time to don your finest 1930s surrealist garb; think fantasies, enormous lobsters, optical illusions – or your very own alter-ego.

By Megan Carnegie


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