Sunday January 14

Redbridge Umbrella Project – Lumiere 2018

Redbridge Drama Centre
Churchfields, E18 2RB
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10am - 1pm
How much?

I checked out Amsterdam Light Festival last month, drenched on a canal boat. It became apparent pretty quickly that this festival was a bit of a ploy to get tourists buying boat tours which would otherwise be outta biz til the warmer months. But the show itself was beautiful and really brings the city to life in a very dark season. If London’s Lumiere 2018 is anything like it, then our tourists are in for a treat. Rather than joining the gawking visitors, Cirque Bijou is inviting us locals to become part of the festival. The creative non-profit’s ‘Umbrella Project’ will bring back the old flash mob idea for a choreographed illuminated extravaganza. We don’t know much more than this, but what you can do is head down to Redbridge Drama Centre on Sunday to take in some training for the spectacle which ultimately takes place on Friday 19th January in the cover of night (and some umbrellas).