Tuesday February 13
Sport SW1

Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race 2018

Victoria Tower Gardens, Westminster, SW1P 3JA
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How much?

It’s a travesty of justice that pancake racing isn’t a bigger competitive sport. It’s thrilling with more than one skill on offer. Errors can be hilarious and messy. There’s always a protein-packed snack at the finish line.And I have a feeling Team GB would clean up at the Olympics. I suppose the sport IS hampered by a couple of things. The season – 13th February to 13th February – IS kinda short. And there’s a distance lack of famous pancake racers. Well the second problem is solved by the annual Rehab Parliamentary Pancake Race. A team of MPs and Lords take on a media team from TV and radio. They’ve even roped in Alastair Stewart to be starter. So a grudge match, quirkily British, and all proceeds go to the excellent Rehab disability charity. We’re there.