Sunday December 10

Satanic Flea Market

Bethnal Green Working Mens Club
42 Pollard Road, Bethnal Green, E2 6NB
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How much?

Spare a thought, at this most joyful time of year, for your neighbourhood Satanist. They’re constantly having their noses rubbed in it what with all this ‘glory be to God’ stuff, and general warm vibes and everybody trying to do good deeds. What’s a poor devil-worshipper to do? Luckily there’s a place where even the blackest heart will be welcome and where the crosses are ALWAYS inverted. The Satanic Flea Market is an anti-Christmas extravaganza, packed with ‘¬†curses, spells, witchy clothing, bespoke Satanic artefacts and collectibles, demonic handicrafts, artworks, protective amulets and bones.’ And it’s all set up in the reliably wonderful Bethnal Green Working Man’s club so expect wicked tunes and great drinks too (virgin’s blood extra).