Tuesday August 15
Talk EC2

The Science of Kink

The Book Club
100 Leonard Street, EC2A 4RH, 020 7684 8618
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How much?

We’ve talked about Empirical Sex London‘s nights at the Book Club before; they go where other discussion groups don’t, all the while having a drink or two. And this week’s topic – the science of kink – couldn’t be more timely. With the 50 Shades’ books bringing all kinds of behaviours into the mainstream it’s time to see who is doing what to who and with what, and whether we’re missing out. There’s a 45-minute talk from Elisa Misu Solaris on’ how we define and measure sexually deviant behaviour’ and then the question is thrown open to the floor. Unsurprisingly, given the setting, it’s a lot less dry than it sounds.