Sunday February 19

The Thin Veil

Ugly Duck
47-49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL
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17-19 February 2017
How much?

This is without a doubt my favourite exhibition, with elements which make me feel I’ve stepped into a Tomorrow’s World sci-fi art special edition and equally; beautiful, delicate, unique, handcrafted pieces which are the physical manifestation of an artist’s imagination gone wild. But the very best thing about this it is how hands-on it is; if you remember the sheer joy of the Science Museum‘s Launchpad area you will revel in this delightfully unique experience as each year is different and utilises the latest technology, be it holographic projections or chromastrobic light. This is the stuff of dreams, artists at the top of their game making beautiful things which you can actually play with, from intricate clockwork pieces to fully immersive performances, there is a truly stellar selection on show at this 10th anniversary edition.