Tuesday April 25
Art NW1

Unite and Take Over

Camden Lock Market
54-56 Camden Lock Place, NW1 8AF
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Until June 2
How much?

Well this is timely. In the year of Trump, Brexit, Turkey AND another fecking election, any reminder of our rights to protest and make our voices heard is welcome, especially when it focuses on those hit hardest by this most depressing of decades: the young. Up in the eaves at Camden Market is a small but inspiring exhibition of images of youth protest from Summer of Love’s smiley-bedecked battles with police to Grime protests in this century. And it’s more than just images -  the space will, we’re told, be turned into ‘an ‘adult youth club’, serving old school snacks, drinks and exclusive new merchandise whilst encouraging visitors to hang out within the iconic Victorian warehouse’. Protests, photos and ping pong. Who could ask for anything more?