Darren Russell and Kingsley Davis

Darren Russell and Kingsley Davis are two of the club’s regular photographers having worked there for over three decades, capturing some of the world’s greatest musicians including Alice Cooper, Chuck Berry, Kings of Leon, the longest running Northern Soul Nights, Chas & Dave, Beth Orton, Joe Strummer, Marva Whitney, the Sex Pistols, Johnny Depp, the Libertines, Run The Jewel and so many more.

With the constant risk of closure for so many London venues, and with the 75th anniversary of the 100 Club approaching this year, they decided now is the time to both support and celebrate the venue by curating for publication, the first and only photography book on the 100 Club. The book will consist of unseen photographs of 100 of their favourite nights alongside anecdotes by the club owners including Jeff Horton, the musicians who’ve played and the public.

Hey guys, how’s it going? So you’ve got a book on the horizon eh?
KD: Darren and myself are deep in promo for the crowdfunding of this special book ’100 Nights at the 100 Club’ – 100 hand picked pictures from London’s special and iconic music venue… it’s a one off so music lovers should not miss out!
DR: It’s a collection of photographs taken by me and Kinglsey, alongside stories from the musicians who’ve played there, the club owners and the audience members who’ve been. The book covers 100 of our favourite nights and, although it covers mainly music, it also includes comedy nights as well. It’s a celebration of one of the last grassroots music clubs left in London’s West End and the diversity of the music that is played there.

How do we get our hands on one?

KD: plus some special rewards if your quick! Go to and there is a button at the top of the page that if you click on will take you to our Kickstarter backers page. Or just visit here to get a copy at a discounted price!

Would you agree that 100 Club is London’s CBGBs?
DR: Yes definitely but only better… it’s still going! But seriously, in terms of the people who have played on that stage it’s incredible – every type of music you can think of; punk, blues, jazz, hip hop, rap, you name it, has been played in the club.
KD: I would agree..iconic and probably more revered!

What’s the best gig you’ve witnessed at the 100 Club?
DR: I think for atmosphere Chas ’n’ Dave. Their fans range from 18-80 and every one is there for a good time. Everyone singing along, it’s a proper Cockney knees up. In terms of full on sweaty rock and roll, The Libertines. The club was rammed with fans. Condensation was running down the walls and dripping from the ceiling, my camera lens kept steaming up.
KD: Wow there’s a few….The Savages album launch in January 2016 has to be up there. The first ever gig to start at 8.00am in the morning. (Yes 8.00am!)

Was the crowd awake for an 8am show ?

KD: It was an amazing energy from these four talented ladies and I loved my pictures… they did too.The mix of fans was incredible, all dedicated and it was a pleasure to meet the parents of the drummer as well as the band after! Priceless moments as well as ringing ear drums.

You’ve been shooting shows there for the past 30 years between you… How many gigs have you been to there in total?
DR: I’ve lost count, definitely over 100. I first took photos there in 1984.
KD: I would say around 40-50 at a guess…

Where can we see more of your work?
DR: For me, go to
KD: In 2011 I published a book of my fave personal music artists, DJ’s and producers. This is a limited edition book available here and you can also check out my website.