Jan 18

When the week starts with Oscar Wilde, gin and jazz we were wondering which glorious century we’d stumbled into but then we saw the following days are filled with kombucha classes, a vegan hummus challenge and a self-assessment party and realised we’re still in this one…

Looking forward, never back say ChloeJoshTomBen and Mat.

Skint AF and looking for reasons to leave the house? Check out our top 7 cheap/free things to do in London this week.

Giving the animal products a swerve in the name of veganuary? We’ve got you covered.


Here Is Some More Great



Erol Alkan’s releasing some new original material

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Jacky Tsai’s about to have his biggest solo exhibition yet

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Leon Keer is mind-meltingly good at painting…


Burak Cingi is one of London’s best live photographers