John Slade


Hi John – how’s it going?
Pretty good today, setting up things for my first London show.

Could you imagine preparing for a big solo show and hurting your thumbs? That would suck if you were that artist. Oh yeah, you manage to cut both of them on broken glass.
It was a bit crap really, thumbs are needed for many intricate daily rituals, buttons, cutlery, and of course the zipper. Luckily I’m like Wolverine in as much as I can heal myself, just way slower than he does… A slow Wolverine.

So what’s your brand new show got in store for us?
Mostly images I made with my bloodied thumb stumps, but also drawings, printings, paintings, a shop sign, paper bag stock and some OSB board. All captured and considered from the world at large, an ‘industry of images and objects’, and reconstituted a new.

Just out of interest, why’s it called Hello? that’s correct, please wait outside?
I wanted to assemble a waiting room of images and objects.

Where can we see more of your work?
Someday a website will be done. Then the day after I’ll decide that having a digital archive of work somehow nullifies potential and highlights a blind belief in ‘progress’ and is a bad way to represent myself as an artist, and delete it. After which I’ll conclude that it’s necessary and work towards recreating it. Then the same thing will happen, ‘sunriseā€¦ sunset’, and so forth. So maybe just go to my blog where I sometimes put works. Also come to the show, it opens Friday 11th April, at Kingsgate Gallery in North West London, 6 – 9, I did a logo for a fried chicken van in exchange for a load of fancy beer.

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