Joseph Lynn


Director and photographer Joseph Lynn’s been out and about taking pictures of this town and those that are in it… so we thought we’d ask him a bit about what he’s been getting up to.

Hey Joe, how’s it going? Up to much?
Hi, it’s going great. I love this time of year, cold, dark and perfect to go for walks in. I’m doing a lot of editing at the moment, just got back from Hull on a longer project so having a quiet week.

People or places? What do you prefer to shoot?
People. I find that it is quite hard to convey the beauty of a landscape in one image because it is so grand and still. Whereas people’s faces are constantly changing – you can take two photos of the same person and they will look completely different. I am basically just a professional people watcher. 

According to Instagram, you’ve been bootsing around town with Noel Fielding, taking pics. What scrapes are you two getting into?
Noel has a studio in East London that we both use as a base – I use it as a photo studio while he paints, it’s quite a fun environment. If we aren’t there we’re usually digging through vintage clothes shops for hours and drinking lots of coffee, whilst worrying about how much coffee we have drunk. 

You also make films – what came first for you, the moving image or the still pics?
Films came first really. When I was a child I could never quite imagine that behind Star Wars there was a crew of people making it happen, it’s magic. In more recent years I have taken up photography and really run with it. I’ve had a few exhibitions and been lucky to do a lot of varied jobs. But next year I am really gearing up to direct some stuff and hopefully focus more on filmmaking.

Where can we see more of your work?
I am alway posting work on my Instagram (@joelynntw) and I usually link to the various projects from there. Other than that I update my website as often as I can.




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