Patrick Morales-Lee

Le Cool March16 Interview (1)

Hey Pat, how are things? I heard a rumour there’s life outside London… Is this true?
Hey Josh, ha, yeah, it’s true, I’m in Whitstable now. It’s just like London, but you know, without all the cool stuff. But we do have a beach and my little girl loves it here, plus Margate is near and is pretty creative. That’s where my studio is, in the old town. I’m told it’s the hot new place, ‘the Hackney of Kent’ apparently. It is quite similar, full of artists and the high street is crap.

Your portraiture is absolutely amazing, is that what you’re concentrating on at the moment or are trying new things?
Thanks, I had a little break from things when my daughter was born, but I’m now back and more excited as I’ve ever been. Certainly trying new things, but it’s still all about people. I guess the difference now is the content has more layers and is dealing with the idea of identity. I’m currently working on a number of drawing pieces, which combine charcoal with gold paint/gold leaf. I’m also looking into doing limited edition screen prints, as the current work is really suited to this, so watch out for those later in the year.

Are you available for commission?
Always. In fact I’m setting myself up as an artist and illustrator, so alongside my art practice, I’’m open to commercial illustration work and currently in the process of looking for representation from an illustration agency. I currently find a lot of illustration can be digitally heavy, so I think there is a huge space for a more fine art approach. On my Instagram page, there are a few examples of illustration sets that I’ve done.

Is there anyone ever in the world ever you’d love to do a portrait of?
If they are paying, then from a commercial point, I’d do anyone. Of course, certain moral considerations could interfere with that approach, for example Trump, Cameron and Clarkson can jog on!

Where can we see more of your work?
Without doubt the best place to see more of my work is on Instagram, or if you’re interested in buying a piece, you can visit my gallery.


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