Richard Horne

Richard Horne – or El Horno, as he’s also known – is an excellent illustrator, artist and graphic designer for both print and online things. So we thought we’d see what’s up.

So you’re called, El Horno, Richard… are you Spanish and feeling sexy?
If growing up in Yorkshire is classed as Spanish then ‘si’. The ‘el horno’ thing came about following a trip to Spain and a visit to a restaurant with a name similar to my surname. So Horne became Horno… I just forgot to check what it meant and only found out many years later! Unfortunately it’s not as sexy as it sounds, as it transpires that el horno translates as ‘the oven’. Lol.

How did The Oven get into drawing for a living?
Graphic design was my first love, but a graphic style of illustration has always gone hand in hand with my work since my early days as a designer in the record industry. I was handed a job that was illustration rather than design, so I just had to go for it and it’s something I’ve been doing ever since. The partnership was truly sealed when I started writing, designing and illustrating my own books. I still think of myself as a graphic designer first and foremost, which I guess you can see in my artwork.

What’s your favourite thing to draw?
I love to create work that makes people smile. I do a lot of art and craft events and it’s great to see visitors’ reactions at my stall. Architecture features pretty heavily, but really I’ll put my hand to drawing anything that makes me laugh, or anything I can put a face on…

What’s your stance on the Wacom vs mouse war that’s been raging since last century? Who’ll win?
Wacom and I have this strange kind of disconnect. We wanted to be good friends but we just couldn’t make it work. So, right now, my bezzies are the mouse and the keyboard, but on the sidelines I have an iPencil and iPad that is ready to upset the balance. Ask me the same question in a year’s time for a totally different answer.

Where can we see more of your work?
Here you go, come and find me if you like… / /