Originally from Poland, artist Tankpetrol is now based in Manchester and is famed for his enormous wall murals with outstanding detail. He’s exhibited all around the world and also worked with major international brands.

You’ve probably been asked bunch of times, but why the name Tankpetrol?
Well, I was a tank driver back in 2001 in Poland. Often my Soviet-made, well-used tank had an oil, diesel and grease spillage inside the turret and driver cabin. Can you imagine the smell and temperature inside the tank on hot summer days? Thats why I became Tankpetrol.

A lot of your characters seem to be in a futuristic military resistance – their clothes could be pilots or freedom fighters. Where does that come from?
The military female themed artwork comes from my vision of female freedom fighters depicted in a strong, fierce way.

How long did it take you to become so precise with a spray can?
It was a natural progression. I started with graffiti then I tried using stencils and learnt traditional painting techniques. I love to mix all of these techniques and media on a canvas. Patience, practise and inner peace are the best teachers. 

What’s the biggest mural you’ve ever done?
The biggest mural was about 10 x 17 meters high. But size isn’t the most important thing when you’re creating a mural. Technique and the time you have spent on creating a piece is more important. Sometimes you can spend a week on a small canvas piece but just three days on a massive wall.

Where can we see more of your work?
You can check my latest walls, studio works and progress shots on my instagram @tankpetrol, facebook or take a look at my website

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Urban Nation – UNique. UNited. UNstoppable. - Tankpetrol


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