Tinsel Edwards


Hey Tinsel, so how’s it going? Have you recovered from having your work feature at Dismaland, the biggest art show in the world right now? That’s pretty cool.
Good thanks! Just wow… I am completely stunned… it is an incredible show and the whole experience has been absolutely mental!

Your work addresses the insane cost of living in this city. How do you think we can solve this problem?
Less GREED would be a good start… We should implement rent controls, build lots more social housing instead of spending so much on housing benefit (which goes straight into the pockets of the private landlords). Longer secure tenancies would be a good idea too, here in the UK we could use some inspiration from how housing works in many European cities.

If you were mayor for a day, no a week, what changes would you make (you can do ANYTHING).
Firstly I would lock the doors and build some kind of fortress so that Boris Johnson definitely couldn’t find his way back into office.
I would then find a way to reduce the costs of public transport across the capital, introduce rent controls, offer more support to and protect our artistic communities, halt the devastation of Soho and encourage more respect for our cultural heritage, I would also prevent foreign investors buying up luxury flats to leave them empty.

You’re co-founder of the ever excellent A-side B-side gallery; are you incredibly disciplined and have set days to run that and set days to do art? Or do you just do a bit of both at the same time?
I co-founded A-side B-side with Catherine Magnani in 2012, we have studios and a gallery space, the aim is to offer a supportive environment to artists which is also welcoming to the local community. In 2014 I actually decided to reduce my responsibilities at the gallery because I wanted to have more time and energy to focus on my own artwork. I now help with the running of the studios, curate shows occasionally and work on the behind the scenes stuff, so Catherine is running it all on her own now. There’ve been some exciting shows on at A-side B-side this summer and lots more planned for the autumn.

Where can we see more of your work?
I’m curating a show for A-side B-side Gallery, which opens on the October 1 as part of Art Licks Weekend. It’s called ‘The Poor Door’ and it brings together a group of artists tackling the issues surrounding the housing crisis. It’s been great to discover lots of other artists exploring this theme and using their art to make a stand for change. I will be exhibiting a selection of my REAL Estate agent signs, which featured in Dismaland at this show. You can also see more of my work on my website where you can see the collaborative work I also do with childhood friend and art partner-in-crime, Twinkle Troughton. In the past we have kidnapped a banker, dressed as traffic wardens to fine cars with free artwork and formed our own Bank and currency.

Photo by Lady Ray


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