Tom Medwell

Tom Medwell takes all the photography for le cool and sometimes, when an arranged cover artist gets flu and can’t deliver, Features Editor Josh Jones rings him up and asks to help out. This might have happened this week.

How’s it going Tom Medwell? Things all good with you?
Hi Josh, it is going both fine AND dandy.  

What are you taking pictures of at the moment? 
At the moment I’m mostly taking pictures of people, but also sometimes of places, and when that fails, water.

How hard is it to get water to pose for you? 
It’s pretty difficult. In some ways, King Canute provides a practical lesson; in others, it’s more a case of avoiding cold feet.

In a film of your life, who would play you?
My life is filled with glamour, excitement, danger and adventure, so I’m pretty sure the only person who’s both qualified and of the right stature to take on such a role is Pierce Brosnan. 

Where can we see more of your work?
You can see it on my website, and pretty much every goddamn week in the Le Cool interview section.