We Are Shadows


Hey there We Are Shadows – what’s this Art of Purgatory project you’re doing all about?
It comes from stripping back, adding and reinventing the overfamiliar icons, images and characters which are constantly bombarded at us through all media channels. They attack the eyes of any screen-gazing consumer. Their social media feeds are alive with hashtags, likes and sharing with so-called friends, but they are not really paying any attention.

Who’s the best pop icon of all time?
The Sex Pistols – the UK’s first manufactured boy band

Which character do you like screwing around with the most?
We all love screwing with Mickey, don’t we?

If you could be any character from Master of the Universe, who would you be?
It would have to be ‘Man-E-Faces’ for his multi-faceted style.  

Where can we see more of your work?


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