The ​Gun

235 Well St, E9 6RG
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Mon - Thu: 5pm-12am, Fri: 5pm - 1am, Sat 11am - 1am, Sun 11am - 11pm.

T​he house party of your dreams has been going down every weekend – and no doubt week night – ​on Well Street, E9. You wouldn’t know it, because up until now no one told you. It’s a solid move by the owners who’ve been liquoring up locals and only locals for the past two years. Though the thought of epic low-key parties happening right under our noses, and without our knowledge, gives us some kind of mad retrospective FOMO. We’re outranged and only hope we can catch up by pulling shapes on the ‘dancefloor’ – the floor on either side and in front of the bar, while downing Nick’s silky smooth botanical G&Ts. For £6.50 it’s the sort of liquid elixir that makes our money and stamina go the distance. Those who hate partying should know it’s open for brunch​ too.​​ ​We recommend the crispy poached egg​, though​ it​ really is​ the ​boozy ​nights that keep us coming back.