3 South Place

By Maeve
South Place Hotel, 3 South Place, EC2M 2AF
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Open Daily - bar until 2am
How much?
Hot dog: £9.50; Curry £14.50; Enigma Code: £9.50

Love a good hotel restaurant. There’s something so exciting about rubbing shoulders with their mysterious international guests – the business women with their expensive shoes and unabashed banter; the Bond-esque men, wading through foreign papers, aged Scotch in hand – all in the comfort of your own city. Our recent visit to the South Place Hotel and its ground floor ‘British diner’, 3 South Place only confirmed this affection. Sipping an Enigma Code – a divine rosemary-garnished vodka lemon martini, the menu selection proved for us an adventure in itself, offering everything from hot dogs and retro dessert Arctic roll to a splendid 36-hour lamb curry paired with vintage basmati pilau. The atmosphere is undeniably ‘City’, however it shouldn’t put you off. Brought to you by the ever-renowned D&D London crew, 3 South Place provides for a sexy tipple and bite to eat before heading out for a night on the tiles in East London. / chloe_lecool