400 Rabbits

By pippawells
30-32 Westow Street, SE19 3AH
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How much?

When living in London you’re keen to have a few local hotspots for food and drink in your neighbourhood.  Well you lucky folks down Crystal Palace way have such a place and I’m sorry to say that the rest of us will be frequenting it now too; so much so I’m actually contemplating a move.  Let me introduce you to 400 Rabbits, by far one of the best pizzerias I have personally ever encountered.  I can’t even begin to describe the dough, but to put it another way my friend (who’s a pizza fiend) said she had never tasted anything like it with such admiration that I know it must be special.  With toppings to suit all tastebuds; I recommend my personal favourite the courgette, pine nuts, garlic, feta and mozzarella (my mouth is watering as I write this).  However it’s not just all about pizza at this pizza-heaven, no there’s an array of craft beer and gelato in flavours that will send you into a daze too.