69 Colebrooke Row

By Maeve
Angel N1 8AA
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Sunday to Wednesday 5pm - 12am, Thursday 5pm - 1am, Friday & Saturday 5pm - 2am
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Cocktails from £9

It’s Sunday and you’ve got the blues. There’s a cold mist in the air. You’re pushing the thought of Monday firmly to the back of your mind. What you’re craving is a snug little bolthole, where the windows are steamy and jazz wafts out of the door. A place where you and the barman know each other’s names. You want to order a dirty martini, shrug off your winter coat, and tap your foot as a gypsy band be-bops the night away. If this sounds familiar, I’ll let you into a secret; 69 Colebrook Row is the kind of place that if you stumbled across would make you hug yourself with excitement, want to keep it to yourself, and then tell all your friends. They’ve got a jazz night and a cocktail menu to die for. It’s the size of my living room, so try and book. Oh, and the barman’s name is Tony Conigliaro. Do say hi. Sara Lou

Photo by Addie Chinn