Ahi Poke Victoria

Nova Food, 11 Sir Simon Milton Square, SW1E 5DJ
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11:30am-9pm, Closed Sunday

The area immediately surrounding a tube station never tends to have much to offer in way of culinary treats. Victoria is no exception – despite recent re-generation, most options around here lack personality – it’s all a bit cookie-cutter to be honest. But Ahi Poke’s second site is totally fresh. It’s predominantly take away, but there are a couple of tables outside you can sit at during the summer months. Inside, a simple salad bar stretches across the room. Start by picking your base; quinoa, kale or brown rice, then the diced fresh fish – poke is Hawaiian for “to slice or cut”  – and endless toppings like edamame, avocado and pickled carrots. Finally have the whole lot dressed in one of the sauces –our favourite is the sesame shoyu.