Allure Nails

75 George Lane, E18 1JJ
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Those with a fairly real addiction to gel nails will know it’s pretty hard to find that perfect Goldilocks-porridge kind of salon. The problem with the boutiquey-spa type of places (though they look and smell lovely) is the price never matches the quality/durability of the job. Then of course with your low-key neighbourhood spots, it’s a battle against the dreaded buzzing machine and finger-soaks in cheap acetone. I’m therefore pleased to say I’ve found perfection in Allure Nails, South Woodford. ‘Isn’t that Essex?!’, you say. Indeed, this recommendation will take you a 6 whole stops past Liverpool Street, but let’s agree on one thing: Essex girls know beauty. This is an undeniable fact. Run by a gaggle of gorgeous sisters, Allure strikes the highly sought balance between price and quality. They are also alll up on the latest trends be it shimmery chrome or minimal dots. So, stop picking at that shellac and book an appointment now.