By Maeve
405 Kilburn High Rd, NW6 7QL
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12-11pm daily
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£20-25 meal with beers

I never go to Kilburn. Not on principle, it’s just I live south east. I was taken there once for an amazing Sichuan meal but promptly forgot where I’d actually been. Then I had reason to return, and, behold – there was the Sichuan place: Angeles. I returned with some friendly locals previously unaware of its existence. I like to imagine they’ll go back every day, as I would if I lived there. One of them attempted one of Angeles’ red-hot five chilli dishes. These are dishes with many many more chillies than five in them. I think there were about 500. Anyway, the food’s really really good, it’s cheap (ordered too much: could’ve got away with £15 a head). I just rang up to see if they have a website. Turns out they do. Good luck with that. / Delaina Haslam

Photo Credit: Cherry Let