By Maeve
46c Grand Parade, N4 1AG
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12 - 11pm daily
How much?
Pide £6.50, Ali Nazik £8.75

As you approach the restaurant the smell of grilled meat pulls you in, much like an eighties cartoon cat is lifted and carried towards a freshly baked pie. Inside, a monstrous wood fire oven is constantly fed fresh food. The restaurant decor is wood-themed, balancing traditional and ever-so-slightly-touristy just right. Tables are low and packed close together, bursting with families. Choose a few mezes as starters, served with freshly baked bread. Their specialties are pides brought straight from the oven. Crispy, crunchy dough surrounds the fillings inside, covered with gooey melted cheese. Traditional meat based dishes also enrich the menu, all redolent of that fantastic flame-grilled taste. Prepare to leave with the top button of your skinny jeans undone as the portions are generous and filling. If you crave something sweet to end the night, grab some Baklava from their shop next door . / Naz

Photo credit: Iban