Back In Five Minutes

224 Brick Lane, E1 6SA
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How much?

Hidden bars and restaurants have been spawning right across the city for years, that being said; this is the first time we’ve had such trouble finding a spot in a long time. That’s rather appropriate since Back In Five Minutes is the permanent home of Disappearing Dining Club and, being the nomads that they are, they ain’t half tricky to locate. What you’re looking for is a clothes store called Ante, 224 Brick Lane. Head towards the till, past the achingly aloof sales assistants and confidently down the stairs behind the curtain. Its worth saying, this isn’t a belated April Fools, we aren’t leading you into an occupied fitting room. Downstairs is an intimate dining room serving an ever-rotating menu of stunning, contemporary European dishes. Seared scallops white chocolate and salmon caviar beurre blanc followed by chorizo-crusted salmon fillet, baked fennel, croutons, roullie. Good lord, we had to write that out in full, we just had to. Two, three and six course meals are available for £30, £35 and £45 respectively.