Bar Termini

7 Old Compton Street, London W1D 5JE
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Music nerds and foodies are similar creatures. We tend to gather at the end of each calendar year to fawn over the proceeding twelve month, dissecting the good from the great and penning our ‘Best of..’ lists. If D’Angelo threw a spanner in the musical works, Bar Termini threw a tractor into ours. Opening its doors just weeks before the end of the year this, may be the best bar of 2014. Tony Conigliaro, the man behind The Bar With No Name has turned his attention to coffee and classic cocktails and both should be supremely grateful. All but wiped of the face of the map by an Antipodean wave, this is a bastion of Italian coffee in London. It’s dark, strong and slightly burnt but deliberately so, the milk is foamed, sweet and dense; it’s wonderful. The cocktail list is short but, as far as we’re concerned, it could be shorter. Three versions of negroni adorn the top line of the menu, you need read no further; we’ve never managed. Open from 07.00-00.00 most nights, this is the kind of versatile establishment that London is starved for. Come for pastries and frothy coffee and stay until the cocktail menu kicks in, there is absolutely no reason why you would leave.