The Bayou

20 Inverness Street,
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It seems we have finally reached the end of the map. We’ve plundered every corner of the U.S.A. for culinary innovation and our last stop heading south lands us in the swampy waters of the Mississippi Delta. The only mystery is why it took us so long to get here. Describing itself as London’s first Creole restaurant, The Bayou opened up shop just under a month ago in the pedestrianised backwater of Inverness Street in Camden. Creole food is a perfect match for London, enigmatically multicultural, dramatically presented and almost impossible to pronounce. Shrimp Etoufee? Anduille sausage Jambalaya? A side of beignets and pumpkin lafourche? How’s that for a mouth full? Well, we tried it and it’s bloody amazing for a mouth full. If you’ve never sampled Creole cooking before it’s worth mentioning that it’s roots lie in French, Spanish and African cuisine but that it is, at heart, American food. Whole sections of the menu are dedicated to burgers and meat from the smoker. What makes The Bayou stand out from the ranks of other American eateries that it has joined, is the subtlety of spices and seasoning that is so unmistakably Louisianan.