Beautcamp Pilates

By Maeve
Unit 10 (Grey Gate) 10 Willow Street
, EC2A 4BH
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How much?
1 day classes £18 - £25

If like me you have found yourself unpleasantly surprised with a few extra rolls in the tummy and ass area, it is time to get our depressed selves moving and down to Beautcamp Pilates. Beautcamp is not your average pilates class. Done on a reformer (a machine with springs and a sliding platform) the class is a combination of boot camp and pilates. Throughout the hour you will find yourself in all manner of positions, guaranteed to get you sweating and shaking within the first five minutes, and unable to sit up the next day. All that aside, if you stick to it, you will get rid of those Christmas rolls and rubbing thighs, just in time for the summer. / Lisa Botter.