Beef and Brew, Haggerston

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Duke of York. 33 Downham Road. London. N1 5AA
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?How Much

By Ben

Duke of York. 33 Downham Road. London. N1 5AA
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How Much?

It’s not easy to find an affordable and delicious steak in this city. I’ve never been totally convinced by Flat Iron, which, over time has become somewhat of a conveyor belt of averageness (don’t @ me). Plus, I refuse to queue for my dinner.

So I was delighted to find that Beef and Brew manages to succeed where Flat Iron fails. The new bricks and mortar outpost of a tiny, well-established Kentish Town steakhouse is bursting with character, set as it is in what used to be a lovely old pub.

The steaks, which start at £12 for a 210 gram hanger steak and top out at £20 for a chateaubriand, are delicious and clearly high quality, and they are cooked with a bit of love, too.

And, remarkably, I left the place thinking about not solely the juicy beef, but also the innovative sides: charred broccoli with a mouth-watering tapenade, and a roasted sweet potato with coconut yoghurt.

Oh, and the beer menu is off the charts…


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